Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How To Lose Weight or Fat Fast.

Hi Friends,

Losing Weight or Losing Fat .... What Do you think about this ?
How to Lose weight is the first Question and How to lose Weight faster is the next ?

To be very honest about this matter i find this to be little tricky..
Why ???? Why Tricky ???
Okay lets get to the point..on Tips on Losing weight and also eating till your tummy is full.
Or in other words... Losing the body weight or body fat keeping your tummy full.

This is all my personal experience. You can comment on it if you feel like and all the comments are welcome.

I love eating meat, but on same side i love eating chicken, Raw vegetables and fruits too.

I am over weight, not too much really but just abt 15 pounds than what i should be.
i was 71 kgs about 10 days ago.
After a week thats on the April 29 i am 68 kgs...
I did loose good weight in abt 10 days just eating ;-) ..
Just a change in the diet....
I eat clean raw vegetables as salad, i eat egg white, and broiled chicken...
thats something i really love.
And yes drinking plenty of water.....
after eating all this i have no room for eating enything else..
and just includeing a 20 mins walk everyday..
thats all i have done in last 10 days to reduce my weight ..
i will continue same for abt 2 months to see the results...

if you have an experience do write on it.


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